*We DO NOT do Custody cases.

Clients can make appointments for alcohol assessments at their convenience and be assessed as scheduled without waiting.

Clients are assessed in a non-judgemental manner.

As a private clinic, strict confidential control of client records is maintained.

Driving History
A lifetime driving history is required as part of the alcohol assessments. A lifetime driving record can be obtained at the DMV in Raleigh or our staff will assist clients in obtaining one at the time of the assessment.

North Carolina Statute establishes alcohol assessment fees. The cost of the assessment is one hundred dollars ($100.00).

Clients with literary issues may choose to complete the assessment verbally.

Clients and their attorneys may obtain information from our staff without bureaucratic red tape, or unwarranted waiting.

Upon clients’ requests, assessments are delivered to clients’ attorneys for presentation in court. We will discuss alcohol assessment results with clients’ attorney at no cost to clients.

Restoration of license
JCS ensures required documentation for the restoration of driving privileges is accurate and presented promptly to appropriate agencies.

Pre-court counseling
Clients completing recommended counseling, prior to court date will be provided written documentation for presentation in court.

Alcoholism Treatment recommendations will be determined based on assessment results. Recommendations will be available immediately following the assessment.


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